Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We have a closing date

I got a letter in the mail that says our closing date. The pre-settlement date is June 13th and the settlement date is June 22nd! We were hoping it would be before the wedding, but hey, when we come back from vacation, we will be able to settle. We need to see if we can change the 13th date because we are supposed to be in Outer Banks that week! I'm just glad we have a definite date. So from today we have 57 days until we settle!

Brian and I stopped by tonight. It looks like they continued to work on more electrical work today. I'm hoping they start to insulate soon! Just a couple pictures from today and yesterday.

Our keyyys!

Haha, I'm modeling the AC!

Briana and I in the garage. I just realized we match in our light blues!
Front view

Back view

Fireplace with the TV wiring above!


  1. Looks great, it's getting close.

  2. Soo exciting! Looks like done framing all that is left are the siding, finishing touch outside of house and inside. Soo exciting. Love the keyes picture. :)

  3. Wow! Your progress is intersting and exciting! I am waiting to get to where you are! Just getting the lumber delivered today.