Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Invitations- Check!

Nothing new with the house. Today Brian drove by and he said he thinks they worked on piping in the basement. But now we are just waiting on the wood to be delivered. I am so psyched for this to begin! 

In other news, I sent out the wedding invitations on Monday, some people started getting them on Tuesday. I can't wait to start getting responses back! Things seem to be falling in place with the wedding! 

In school news, it seems crazy that we only have 8 Wednesdays left of school in the school year. I am sad my first year is coming to an end but I am so excited about summer coming soon! (especially with the house being finished!) 

Just thought I'd give an update since I haven't blogged in a few days.


  1. Yikes I haven't even gotten my printed invitations back from the company yet...I was hoping to get them this week but still haven't! Also if you need any candles for anything, Michael's has an online coupon right now for 30% off entire candle purchase. I bought all the votive and floating candles that we need for our wedding earlier this week. The coupon is on their website and is good until Saturday. They also have a coupon for 40% off a single wedding item (but I printed it three times and used each for a package of wedding program paper).

  2. This is exciting. Getting responses in the mail was like getting tax refund checks for us.

  3. It's fun getting the invites back!! =)

  4. Alyssa: Thanks for the tip about Michaels, I printed off coupons! I can't wait to go there tomorrow!

    2011 & Noey: Today we got 4 responses, it was so exciting even though my dad checked the mail and called me! I can't wait till I get more!