Saturday, April 2, 2011

looking ahead...

So today has been a busy day. Brian and his groomsmen went to get their tuxes. While I went up to my mom-moms house to visit and help her with some things. The painter is working at her house, I got to talk to him about painting our house. He is AWESOME, and I am excited he is going to do it. Brian and I have been talking about if we are going to paint right away or not. Just like Megan, we are thinking the house will be more our style if we paint. I don't think I can stand white walls for that long. I am a color kind of girl. 

On the way home, I stopped by our house. The basement is completely finished. They were working on framing another house in the neighborhood. I can't wait until thats us, hopefully next week! =)

Tonight we are working on preparing the invitations and getting them all addressed. I can't wait to get them finished and sent off on Monday! 

Here are some pictures from today, still pretty boring because I went by myself today. I promise one we start framing I will take some more exciting pictures.


  1. We painted our house before we moved in and I'm so glad we did. When they came to fix things for our 10 month inspection there were a lot of white patches on the walls from where they fixed nail pops, but all we had to do was break out the paint and roller and quickly go over the spots (we used a flat paint so it blended well) I feel like if we had all our furniture in and waited we would never have the time or energy to get to painting!

  2. Very exciting!!! I love seeing the pictures! I am so glad things are moving so well for you on every front! =)

  3. It's exciting, before you know it the house will be framed. It's crazy how fast it goes from here. I totally agree with you about painting the house..I don't think I'll be able to deal with the white walls for long.