Friday, April 1, 2011

Basement walls poured!

My brother drove by today and told me they were pouring the basement when he was there. After work Brian and I went there and sure enough, the walls were poured! How long does it take for them to settle? I was so excited to see more progress today! We are really getting to the good part! I couldn't believe our neighbors house is already framed with a roof and a garage door. Seems so fast!

Boring pictures but it was too muddy for either one of us to get in the picture or to be creative!


  1. I have no idea how long it takes . It feels like one day they started the foundation then the next day they were framing, lol.

  2. I have pics from 1/4 with our foundation in the frames, on 1/7 the frames were taken off, and then on 1/13 our lumber arrived and 1/15 they started framing the house. Hope that helps! :)