Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ashley Furniture 20% off sale!

Yesterday if you went to the Ashley furniture store before 12:00p.m. you could get 20% off your purchases. Brian and I took advantage of this! We got some great furniture for our house. Brian's parents bought us our dining room table and my parents bought us bar stools for our island. My parents are also going to buy us our media cabinet but we didn't find one there we liked unfortunately.

But here are the things we bought! =)
This table is going to go in our morning room. I wasn't  sure if I liked the seat cushions. My mom said her and my mommom could replace them if we decided too. But I love the table, it just looks classic.

This is the sectional my mommom bought Brian and I for our wedding present. We absolutely love it! It is so comfy! My mom also got us pillows we love to go on them! 
I love these because we can chose any color to accent in the family room.

Brian and I bought this mattress. (Not the bedroom furniture, just the mattress.)  It is a memory foam bed that is so comfy, but it is Ashley brand so it was not as expensive as some others. We got a king size mattress. We need it with 2 labs that sleep with us too.
These are the bar stools my parents bought us. We absolutely love the fact that they match our table. We had bought ones at kohls but we are now taking them back (they were a good price, but kinda cheap compared to these). These are just great quality and match! =)
Our next big purchase will be our bedroom set. We haven't found the set we love yet for a price that we can afford.


  1. Love your furniture! We considered getting that dining room table but choose the pub style instead. I really like the stools!

  2. that sectional is HUGE!! I love it! I love all of it! Great choices!