Friday, April 8, 2011

A change in flooring...

Today while I was in school, Brian and his mom went to the CTI flooring place. Originally we had decided to just do the free tile flooring in the downstairs because our only options were that or hardwood floors. Well we have 2 big labs so hard wood floors were out of the question because they will scratch that. BUT we went to our model home last weekend and asked if they had updates in flooring. He said they introduced laminate! That is what we really wanted!

So Brian went there today and looked at some. He said the first upgrade wasn't very nice, so we are looking at the 2nd upgrade. He picked out the color that he likes. I trust his opinion. We just need to talk about the price. We are going to get the laundry room, kitchen, morning room, foyer, and bathroom in laminate. So downstairs the only thing that will be carpet is the living room and the family room.

What is everyones thoughts on upgrading to laminate, I'm leaning towards yes because it makes the house look completely different. But I would like to get some opinions.

When Brian gets home, I'll be able to post the picture. (They were stopping at Ikea! Very sad I couldn't go today!)


  1. You're allowed to change your selections after the construction has started? I didn't think they would let you do that. Will they charge you additional for making the change this late? I've heard a lot of people love laminate because of the durability.

  2. Yes we are allowed to change because they didn't offer this when we were there. We do not have to pay extra but we do have to tell them ASAP because our house is supposed to start framing soon.

  3. Laminate was standard for us...the hardwood and tile was an upgrade. We got laminate and I don't mind it. It looks a lot like tile and it's pretty easy to clean. We have the laminate in the kitchen, morning room, foyer, powder room, mud room, laundry room, and both upstairs bathrooms. I love the look of the hardwood but the laminate is fine with me!

  4. We are getting the wood laminate in our hall. It has a GREAT warranty!! Plus, it has moisture lock, easier to clean, and extremely hard to scratch!! (the warranty only doesn't cover scratches made by heavy appliances being drug across it). I have 3 kids and dog. Getting a wood floor was out. They'd have it scratched up and nicked in no time.

    I think you made a wise choice!!

    I didn't want tile. I have it where I live now and it's sooooo cold!!!

  5. When we finally put in our own floors, I think we're leaing towards laminate wood, as well. Can't wait to see how it turns out for you.

  6. We chose to put wood laminate in our home as well. I think now they are making it look so close to real hardwoods now anyway and the durability and maintainance are supposed to be very good. The lady at our flooring meeting told us a lot of people actually prefer it over hardwoods. My husband was worried about degrading the value of the house compared to hardwood but she said it absolutely will not. I think they look great. Good choice.