Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A beautiful day for building a house...

Today was the most gorgeous day! It was also my last full day until spring break! Tomorrow is a half day with our spring parties! =) Brian and I went to Kohls after school today and bought the mudroom bench. They were sold out of the mudroom shelf. It was a 1-day sale so we got a rain check! We also got it with 20% off too! We ended up paying for the bench today and it was $80.00 and we paid $15! We had a $50 Kohls cash and 20% off. It was a steal! I was so excited!

Anyway, today they made progress. We have the duct work inside, a garage door, molding around the front door and windows, put the fireplace in, and a few other things.

Here are the pictures from today!
Outside shot from today. Brian was looking at the garage door. Brian's mom and sister, Briana are looking out the window! 

Fireplace was installed!

Upstairs, just a picture of the duct work.
Tomorrow Brian and I are heading to the Orioles game with my PopPop and uncle! We are so excited, our first O's game of the season! So I won't be able to update, but I'll catch everyone up on Friday! Until then, GO O'S!


  1. Wow, your house looks so big - and the work is moving very fast. You already have a garage door!!! We are also big fan of Kohls - but we are yet to buy anything for new home (we live in apartment and between furnitures and toys - there is not much space to store anything).

  2. I'm the same way wth sara living in apartment no room to store anything but the day were moving in we will be buying tons of stuff. Your house is going up fast I hope they can be as fast when it comes to our turn with the framing. Your house is going to be AWESOME!

  3. Looks great! Kohls is the best. Enjoy your break.