Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Progress Progress, I love it!

Tonight Brian, my mom, and I went by the house and I was so excited with the progress! =) We have it framed, windows in, door installed, and stairs in! We also have the molding on the garage which I think looks beautiful. Brian's mom has been sending me pictures at lunch time that get me excited throughout the day!

Here is the progress...prepare to be amazed!

Look at all the work!  It is beautiful! 
My favorite room of the house! Look at those windows!

Family room. They cut out the fireplace!

Loft at the top of the stairs.

Looking into the garage.

Uh oh...we are a little nervous about all this water sitting in the basement! :-/

Our shingles. We are thinking they may go on tomorrow?

Our steps are in! Brian and I walking up the steps for the first time.

Our front door. Its wonderful!

Brian modeling our shutters. He decided to open the box. They are the perfect color! 

Our wonderful door from the outside. Sorry for the weird angle, it was muddy!
My mom and Brian looking at something. Haha. I was trying to capture the molding above the garage!

Until tomorrow! I hope the weather will be as nice as they predict! I am really excited to be in the 80's. Only 1 and a half days of school left until spring break! Then I'll be on the blogs all day Friday and Monday! =)


  1. The pics are cool!!! You will love the morning room!! :) The shutters get painted you know that right? That water in the basement is pretty scary but trust me....they will get it out!!!

    Your mom is awesome!!!

  2. Wow they got some work done today? It was raining like crazy today and all afternoon there was a lightning storm I was watching it outside the window today so I knew the workmen would not be out in the craz weather.

    Your house is going up quick. Have you locked in your interest rates? I love watching your progress. Love the stair pictures.

  3. Nice pictures, best of luck as the building progresses!

  4. Great pics, it's coming along fast! We have had water in our basement a few times since the sump kept getting unplugged. I agree with India, they'll take care of it!

  5. No worries on the Water, our house was a swimming pool for a while, they got it out. And ever since they have it all covered, insulated & everything, not one drop!! The house is looking great!!!!

  6. Your house looks great! I love the molding and door too! =) It won't be long now!!! =D

  7. @India, not all shutters get painted. Our shutters are the same color as they came and they weren't painted. I asked my sales rep about this as I remember seeing some people got their shutters painted. It's one of those regional Ryan things. Like you have a concrete driveway and we get asphalt.

    Everything looks great Sarah. As usual, I love the morning room.