Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We have a closing date

I got a letter in the mail that says our closing date. The pre-settlement date is June 13th and the settlement date is June 22nd! We were hoping it would be before the wedding, but hey, when we come back from vacation, we will be able to settle. We need to see if we can change the 13th date because we are supposed to be in Outer Banks that week! I'm just glad we have a definite date. So from today we have 57 days until we settle!

Brian and I stopped by tonight. It looks like they continued to work on more electrical work today. I'm hoping they start to insulate soon! Just a couple pictures from today and yesterday.

Our keyyys!

Haha, I'm modeling the AC!

Briana and I in the garage. I just realized we match in our light blues!
Front view

Back view

Fireplace with the TV wiring above!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ashley Furniture 20% off sale!

Yesterday if you went to the Ashley furniture store before 12:00p.m. you could get 20% off your purchases. Brian and I took advantage of this! We got some great furniture for our house. Brian's parents bought us our dining room table and my parents bought us bar stools for our island. My parents are also going to buy us our media cabinet but we didn't find one there we liked unfortunately.

But here are the things we bought! =)
This table is going to go in our morning room. I wasn't  sure if I liked the seat cushions. My mom said her and my mommom could replace them if we decided too. But I love the table, it just looks classic.

This is the sectional my mommom bought Brian and I for our wedding present. We absolutely love it! It is so comfy! My mom also got us pillows we love to go on them! 
I love these because we can chose any color to accent in the family room.

Brian and I bought this mattress. (Not the bedroom furniture, just the mattress.)  It is a memory foam bed that is so comfy, but it is Ashley brand so it was not as expensive as some others. We got a king size mattress. We need it with 2 labs that sleep with us too.
These are the bar stools my parents bought us. We absolutely love the fact that they match our table. We had bought ones at kohls but we are now taking them back (they were a good price, but kinda cheap compared to these). These are just great quality and match! =)
Our next big purchase will be our bedroom set. We haven't found the set we love yet for a price that we can afford.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone! I hope you enjoy your day with your family! =)

Happy Easter from my family to yours!

Friday, April 22, 2011

meeting with guardian & plumbing

Yesterday before the O's game, Brian went to meet with guardian to check placement for all our outlets. That meeting went well, our PM told Brian they are actually ahead of schedule. Thats great news!

Today was my first day of spring break! This morning I had a dentist appointment, then got my toenails done with my mom, sister-in-law, and niece. It was so much fun!

I called our PM to see if we could stop by after Brian got off work. He said he had to run a couple of errands but we could stop by at anytime. They were working on plumbing today.
The washer and dryer hookup in the mudroom.

The basement utilities 

Our SOLD sign is finally in! Yay! 

I love the molding around the door and windows.

Let's Go O's

Last night we went to the Orioles Game with my PopPop and uncle. It was so fun! Even though they lost, it was still a good game and fun to be in the atmosphere. We had an awesome time! =)
My man Brian Roberts

Brian's favorite player, Nick Markakis

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A beautiful day for building a house...

Today was the most gorgeous day! It was also my last full day until spring break! Tomorrow is a half day with our spring parties! =) Brian and I went to Kohls after school today and bought the mudroom bench. They were sold out of the mudroom shelf. It was a 1-day sale so we got a rain check! We also got it with 20% off too! We ended up paying for the bench today and it was $80.00 and we paid $15! We had a $50 Kohls cash and 20% off. It was a steal! I was so excited!

Anyway, today they made progress. We have the duct work inside, a garage door, molding around the front door and windows, put the fireplace in, and a few other things.

Here are the pictures from today!
Outside shot from today. Brian was looking at the garage door. Brian's mom and sister, Briana are looking out the window! 

Fireplace was installed!

Upstairs, just a picture of the duct work.
Tomorrow Brian and I are heading to the Orioles game with my PopPop and uncle! We are so excited, our first O's game of the season! So I won't be able to update, but I'll catch everyone up on Friday! Until then, GO O'S!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Progress Progress, I love it!

Tonight Brian, my mom, and I went by the house and I was so excited with the progress! =) We have it framed, windows in, door installed, and stairs in! We also have the molding on the garage which I think looks beautiful. Brian's mom has been sending me pictures at lunch time that get me excited throughout the day!

Here is the progress...prepare to be amazed!

Look at all the work!  It is beautiful! 
My favorite room of the house! Look at those windows!

Family room. They cut out the fireplace!

Loft at the top of the stairs.

Looking into the garage.

Uh oh...we are a little nervous about all this water sitting in the basement! :-/

Our shingles. We are thinking they may go on tomorrow?

Our steps are in! Brian and I walking up the steps for the first time.

Our front door. Its wonderful!

Brian modeling our shutters. He decided to open the box. They are the perfect color! 

Our wonderful door from the outside. Sorry for the weird angle, it was muddy!
My mom and Brian looking at something. Haha. I was trying to capture the molding above the garage!

Until tomorrow! I hope the weather will be as nice as they predict! I am really excited to be in the 80's. Only 1 and a half days of school left until spring break! Then I'll be on the blogs all day Friday and Monday! =)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday-Day 2 Floor 2

Today we drove by after school and I they were still working. They were working on the 2nd level. So we left and decided to come back later that night so we could walk through.

Here are the pictures. We are hoping the rain holds off Saturday so they can work some today!

View from our family room to the backyard. Mostly Mud!

Brian walking in the family room.

Me in the morning room once again.

Brian took a picture of the master bedroom window through the morning room.

Me peaking out the pantry. =) 

Yesterday's progress...WE HAVE A HOUSE!

Yesterday after work, Brian and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings with my brother and some friends. After WW we went to see the house progress. I was surprised to see the progress. We have a house!! =) Yay, downstairs somewhat framed! I can't believe it!!

Check out the pictures from yesterday...

The morning room. They still need to cut out the window in the middle.

This is the family room. The square box on the back wall is where the fireplace will be. Brian is standing in the hallway area.

Again morning room, can you tell it is my favorite part of the house?

 Our first kiss in our new house.

Better shot of me modeling the fireplace.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We have wood in the rain!

Brian drove by yesterday on the most beautiful day, and guess what? They weren't working. But today it has been raining allll day. So Brian wasn't going to drive by, but he decided to anyway. AND our wood was delivered today! Hopefully tomorrow it will be nice and they can get started framing. Can't wait! =)

Sorry about the quality of the picture, Brian took it from his truck, in the rain! But I was excited to see our lot # on the lumber!

We also found out the we are definitely getting the laminate flooring in the kitchen, morning room, laundry, powder room, and foyer. I am excited about that! I think it will really add to our already awesome house! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Basement and Garage Poured

Yesterday we went to my cousins wedding, on the way we stopped by to see progress on our house and they were working on concreting the garage. The wedding was so fun! =) 

Today we stopped by to take a look at the official progress. They have poured the basement and the garage. We saw our neighbor from across the street. He is the nicest person ever! He took our picture in front and we talked about how we couldn't wait to move in. I get more excited each time we go there!