Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyone was busy this weekend...including the builders!

(Warning-Suppper long post due to not posting in a while!)

Brian and I had a busy weekend. Friday we went out to eat and to home depot after work. Then we finally got to visit his Uncle Ben and Aunt Lori. I'm so glad we got to do that, I miss spending time with them!

Saturday we picked up our furniture from Ashley Furniture. Thankfully my dad hooked the trailer up to his jeep and we were able to bring the couch, mattress, box spring, and bar stools home in just two trips. Everything fit perfectly into the trailer. Thank Dad for helping us pick everything up. Luckily we are able to store everything in my parents garage until we move in! After picking up all the furniture, we went to pick out our wedding rings. It was so much fun, we both picked out awesome rings! Saturday night we went to visit my mom-mom and pop-pop. Another thing that I'm so glad we got to do. I miss seeing them because each weekend has been so busy. It was so nice to just catch up and talk. My mommom tried on her dress for our wedding, it is so pretty! =)

Sunday my dad and I woke up early to go to Church. Brian woke up early and took the dogs swimming with their best friend Milo! After we met for breakfast, stopped by kohls, started putting the bar stools together, took Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop to see the house, came home and ate dinner, then finished putting the bar stools together.

All-in-all a super busy weekend that went by super fast. While we were so busy this weekend, so were the wonderful builders of our house!

We drove by on Friday and they had moved all the drywall into the house.
The drywall was laying in lots of rooms. Did I mention they insulated the house? 

Sitting in the tub.

We have been inspected 4 times already!

Saturday- We came back Saturday evening and this is what we found!


A little concerned about this. There is supposed to be 3 holes up there. 2 lights and a speaker in the middle. The 2nd light on the right was never cut out. We are calling our PM first thing Monday morning.

I decided to climb out the egress window!

Brian decided to climb in the sliding glass door. Don't ask us why, the front door was unlocked! haha. 
We were so surprised they did that all in one day!
Thought that was a pretty cool picture my mom took.

My mommom and poppop's first of many trips to the house.
My pop-pop looking out the morning room windows.

Mom-mom and pop-pop checking out the house!

Us putting together the bar stools. We did so well putting them together. We made a good team.

Much more of this to come when we move in....

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow when we stop by...


  1. Wow they did an amazing job in a short time.

  2. Very nice...I loved the picture of you guys putting the bar stools together...4 legs, 1 seat, 1 back...500 screws....gotta love it!!!!

  3. Great pics!!

    Sounds like ya'll had a great weekend! =)

    lol @ BD

  4. Great pictures of you two and loved the one of you climbing out the egress window of the basement! Everything is looking great! Yikes 500 screws its a wonder that did not lose any in the progress.