Thursday, May 26, 2011

Floors Floors Galore

So a lot has happened since I last posted. We have our counter tops, laminate flooring, carpet, appliances, toilets, and sink. They have been working so hard. Today when we visited, it felt very "homey" because of the carpet. The pad feels very nice, I'm glad we upgraded them. They have had to fix a couple things for us and they have been super great about that. They had to fix 2 walls that were not straight, one above the cabinet and one in front of the powder room. They were very responsive and fixed these problems quickly.
Counter tops. I am very glad we chose a neutral color. We still need our backsplash. 

Sorry, forgot to rotate the picture, but this is our pantry.

Our hard wood floor. Brian did a good job picking it out. Looks really good in the sunlight.

Our appliances. Yay, all except for our refrigerator which we purchased.

The floor and the carpet together.

Carpet with a covering over it.

Our dishwasher.

Oven and microwave.

Powder room downstairs. You can see I peeled up the padding to see the floor.
Everything looks so great. I can't believe it is this close. With the wedding and school ending soon the time keeps flying by. I love this house and can't believe we get to call it our own in less than 1 month!


  1. Those wood floors are lovely!!

  2. Everything looks so good!! Very pretty!! And in less than month it will be all yours! =)

  3. The floors look amazing and I am shocked at how much has been done since your last are moving right along.

  4. The pics look awesome so sooo pretty. Loving your laminate floors and so jealous. Mine are vinyl :( hopfully it will look nice. Cannot wait to se my house I'm visiting family in cali and will be gone for a week so it will be a big transformation when I go visit. Your house is looking fantastic!

  5. I just noticed in the first picture of the floors that there were signs on the windows. Our PM told us that the list he worked off of during our pre-construction meeting would be taped up in the house, but those signs didn't look like that...I zoomed in on the picture and see that it is actually signs one of which says "No Food". Have you seen any signs of food and drink being in the house? I know LaLady and others have found food and drink remains in their house...maybe this is something your PM insists on.

  6. Those floors are a beauty! Quick question is your sink upgraded? If so, is that Upgrade 1 or Upgrade 2! Your carpet looks great too! SO plush! We have the el cheapo carpet all over lol...

  7. Thanks Sara! That sink is nice! It looks upgraded. I upgraded ours 1 level because I thought it would look like what we have now and my current sink is awful.... lol...Thanks for answering my question! :)