Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Are you ready to see the progress on the house?


So LOTS has happened since I last blogged! Here we go...

So first, the drywall is in. We are painted, we have cabinets, railings, doors, painted trim, and it looks wonderful! Here are the pictures to go with the words.
My Brother, Brittany, Kylie, Grandma, Me, Jen, and Brian in the morning room!  Grandma and Grandpa are the reason we got this morning room! =)

Drywall before the paint.

Brian and Kylie(our favorite niece and flower girl!)  standing outside the house.

Kitchen Cabinets! They look BEAUTIFUL!

Brian on our little deck!





Me in the kitchen. This is where I will be during the summer, learning to cook with my mommom! 

Another shot of the railings upstairs

Capped wall on the loft side.

Upstairs bathroom

Master bathroom. Gotta love those double sinks.

Master Closet




Back of the house!
Now, this is off topic but I also went to the zoo for our field trip! Rode a camel and got a face paint!
Such a great time!

So cool, my students loved it! 

Even visited the house with face paint, good thing we didn't see any neighbors today.

SPEECHLESS about how beautiful this looks.

Okay so I swear I will update often like before. Brian just told me the bathroom floor is in now. I'll have pictures of that for you soon! I can't believe the time is flying by!


  1. It looks great! And I love your colors!!

    Love the face paint!! My kids LOVE stuff like that!! If I was your neighbor to be, and I saw you there like that, we'd have hit it off! lol

    Can't wait for more pics!

  2. I just looked up your floor plan! I love it! It's similar to the venice we were first looking at! =)

  3. Love love the house it is looking beautifully! I love how whole family got to come and take a look at it. The fireplace looks great with the trim mantel around it. They just finishd the drywall at my place so ready for the next step. The back of your house looks nice I like the morning room shape ours is sloped off which doesn't look as nice compared to yours. Exciting stuff.

  4. Thanks so much for keeping your blog. My husband and I are considering building a Florence with Ryan Homes in New York state, and I just read through a lot of your process. And PS you and I have a lot in common! My name is Sarah and I'm a teacher too. Congrats on your home and your upcoming nuptials!
    I LOVE the colors of your home and you seemed to have chosen the upgrades I want! fireplace, gourmet island, morning room :-) I'll keep reading!

  5. Sarah! It's so nice to have you reading! How crazy is that, we were met to be friends! Same name, occupation, and taste! Thanks for reading, please continue too. I hope you blog if you decide to build a florence. It is such a wonderful experience and Ryan homes has been great! It was soo nice to have you comment!