Monday, January 17, 2011

Our decision to build a Ryan home...

At the beginning of our house hunt, I had found a new neighborhood Bay View Woods online and it wasn't even being advertised yet. We searched everywhere for it and finally found it! They weren't even selling yet, so we waited. When they started selling, we stopped in and got some information. We weren't serious about buying then so we just got information and looked around.
A few months ago, we started to get more serious. We have been looking for houses for a couple months now. We found a couple that we liked but none that we were in love with. After establishing credit and meeting with a mortgage company, we felt comfortable.
We finally decided to go to the model home in Bay View Woods again. We immediately knew this was the choice for us! We had loved this neighborhood from the beginning! We talked with the sales rep and got more information. The next step was to decide if we wanted the sienna or the florence?

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  1. You wanted to live in this neighborhood from the beginning. I'm so happy for the both of you. In two years I hope my grandchild will fill one of the three bedrooms. Congratulations and love you both.